We are the creators of our universe. We have the power to shift our mind of a fear driven state into more love, presense and peace at any moment which is when the real miracle occurs.  When you catch yourself in a low engery, fearful, resistance space, we’re usually dwelling on the past or nulling over the future. Next time you feel yourself in a funky mood, give one of these uppers a chance to give you some fresh life energy and back into the present moment. 

Drink glass of room temp water

Brush your teeth

Do 100 jumping jacks

Hold a smile on your face for 30 seconds

Breath of Fire 60 seconds

Hug yourself for 30 seconds

Look in the mirror and repeat “I love you” (and mean it) 10x

Gratitude list (specific / odd)

Visualize 2 minutes your ideal day



Tell someone you love them

Go for a walk get some fresh air

Just do one thing you’ve been putting off / procrastinating

Fix your posture – Sit up straight

Repeat an “I am” (enough, light, disciplined, etc.) affirmation 25x

Tidy up a space

Aromatherapy/ candle / incense (here are some of my favorites)

20 minute cat nap

Guided imagery 2 minutes – Golden body of light exercise

Take a cold shower / splash cold water on face

Chakra balance

Help someone

Spend 5 minutesThink of someone you love succeeding

Give someone a hug

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